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We believe entrepreneurs learn far more from each other, rather than going it alone. That is why we created a facilitated community of entrepreneurs to act as a sounding board to support you and push you a bit further. We’ll point out your blindspots, cheer your successes, and call bullshit where you are sandbagging.

Gain Knowledge and Experience From Your Entrepreneurial Peers

What You Get

  • Monthly Introductions

    Think of it as entrepreneurial speed dating to build your network and get to know your fellow members, just without the booze and appetizers. 

  • Monthly Topical Discussions

    Community wide discussions relevant to the challenges and opportunities impacting us all.

  • Deeper Dives

    Option to join a cohort of five other members, meeting one hour, every other week for a six month period over video to dive deeper into each other’s business.

  • Address Burning Issues

    Option to take the Hot Seat and present a burning issue to the wider community for feedback and insights.

I love that the OneFifty is made up of entrepreneurs like me: those who have had successful businesses and are building their next one. And I’m surprised at how deep we get in a virtual setting.

It offers the perfect mix of convenience, value and commitment for an experienced entrepreneur peer group. There was an immediate return on my relatively small investment with just the online community, not to mention the effective zoom video calls with my cohort.

The OneFifty empowers me with shared knowledge from enthusiastic entrepreneurs such as myself. Many of whom have been there and done that and are openly willing to share their knowledge and lessons learned.

What We Ask

  • Share Regularly

    A commitment to share one new thing you learned, via Slack, with the rest of the community. It’s our way of keeping the discussions going.  

  • Open Attitude

    An openminded attitude, offering experience and insights when asked and a willingness to hold back from telling others what to do. We’ve learned that entrepreneurs generally are allergic to authority.

  • Commit

    We’re all busy people running our businesses. If you join a cohort you promise to make ten of the twelve meetings over a 6 month period.  

  • Presence

    We are digitally based. During calls you promise to disable distractions that will take your attention away from the group.

Apply to Join The OneFifty


For members who aren’t in a cohort, it’s maybe 15 to 90 mins a month. Otherwise cohorts meet for 1 hour, every other week for a period of 6 months.

Once a member of the OneFifty, you can sign-up for a cohort when we open new slots. Typically we have several slots open at any one time so there are flexible times to meet.

Yes, but we have a non-solicitation policy which means you can’t actively promote your business outside of a single Slack channel for promotional stuff. That way members can shut that out of their communication stream if they’d like.

Yes, members are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. Everything you hear is confidential to the community and can’t be shared outside of the community or outside of your cohort.

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