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We believe entrepreneurs learn far more from each other, rather than going it alone. That is why we created a facilitated community of seasoned entrepreneurs with years of experience, to act as a sounding board. We’ll point out your blindspots, cheer your successes, call bullshit where you are sandbagging and support you when you need it.

Would a regular discussion with 8 to 10 other very experienced entrepreneurs benefit you?

I love that the OneFifty is made up of entrepreneurs like me: those who have had successful businesses and are building their next one. And I’m surprised at how deep we get in a virtual setting.

It offers the perfect mix of convenience, value and commitment for an experienced entrepreneur peer group. There was an immediate return on my relatively small investment with just the online community, not to mention the effective zoom video calls with my cohort.

The OneFifty empowers me with shared knowledge from enthusiastic entrepreneurs such as myself. Many of whom have been there and done that and are openly willing to share their knowledge and lessons learned.

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How This Works

Channel Options

Variety is the spice of life. Members can join any channel(s) anytime based on needs and scheduling demands. Basic Members are limited to discussions over Slack and Full Members will have access to join the video-based discussion rooms.

  • Come and go from any channel, as your schedule and needs allow.
  • Meet new entrepreneurs from new geographies with your similar area of focus / interest.
  • Minimal time commitment required.


Origin Story

Kick The Tires!

We started in the Spring of 2018 and are in our build-out phase.

30% Built Out

We’ve built an entrepreneurial community that we believe will help any entrepreneur grow and address challenges while building excellent relationships. We encourage you to apply to our Slack Channel and feel it out for yourself.

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