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Impact over Legacy

When I was a kid growing up I remember the Philadelphia Eagles running back, Ricky Watters short-armed a catch across the middle of the field. After the game reporters came to Ricky and asked him why he didn’t lay himself out there to catch that critical pass. His response, “For who? What what?”

I’m reminded of Ricky Watters whenever I hear people speaking about their legacy. For who? For what?

Legacy is just an Ego game for most people. It’s the desire to be remembered long after you’ve crossed those pearly gates. Yet, unless you are Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad the odds of you being remembered when you are gone are pretty faint. Even Steve Jobs, the man idolized by so many entrepreneurs will surely be a hard name to recall by those living 100 years from now.

Perhaps the only real legacy we can have is to impact those alive today, especially our families and friends. When we impact those around us we create an impression, a nameless wake of influence that ripples through generations. If we focus more on the impact and less on the name recognition of the legacy, I think we’ll start building a better World for all.

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