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Asprire to Average

You aren’t special. Yup, that’s right. There is nothing truly astonishing about you. In a World of 8 billion others, there are likely hundreds of thousands just like you all striving to be recognized. If you want to be different, aim for average.

Average is good. It’s better than below average and it carries far less stress than being amazing.

Make a decision to be truly great and aim for average… the truly great make up a tiny fraction of the population. They move us forward, it’s romantic, sexy and fully of stress and grief. Think about the Pareto Principle, the difference in even being 20% better than others will require 80% more effort. I think it’s fair to assume that to move that mark closer to being the elite 1 to 5% of the population you’d be looking at maybe 300% more effort than average. For what? Ego, recognition, power?

If you’d like to be a masochist, be my guest.

Social media and the always on news cycle has created the possibility that we can all reach personal brand nirvana, where everyone knows your name. Influencers are jockeying for position for the most eyeballs, in an effort to gain the recognition they desperately want. That external acknowledgement that “I matter.”

Drop it. Make a good life for yourself, let everyone else clamor for the spotlight and the stress of swimming upstream. Enjoy the life you have, carve out something amazingly average.

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