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Consistently Inconsistent

I’ve never been the type of entrepreneur to stick with anything longer than a few weeks, maybe a month or two if I’m lucky. See the problem is I start using a system, or process or even some kind of tool over a period of time. Then I either get bored with it, where I find a shortcoming or realize there’s something other for me to use or do. This has led to a career of being consistently inconsistent.

I’m also terrific at making excuses as to why I don’t stick with anything. The result is the culmination of a wide body of knowledge yet a huge gap in tangible results. If I’m always switching gears, I’m not making progress and any one particular area.

I am fantastic at reacting to the moment. Making other people‘s priorities higher then my own. This perspective was great when I was running my services based agency. I addressed the squeakiest wheel, be it client or employee. I was great at “getting things done“ yet my greatest shortcoming was (an still is) the inability to put together any kind of long-term vision or plans. In the end, it bites me in the ass. I was never able to put my company in a position where it had a strategic advantage in the marketplace, or develop a differentiator that was truly unique.

Here I am, at age 42 with the realization that over my 18 year entrepreneurial career I might have attained for more had I acknowledge this earlier on.

And someways, building the OneFifty has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my career. Given that I’m trying to build a community that scales like a product. I’m having to put in the work to develop a long-term vision, systems and processes in place that require me to focus my time and attention on long-term goals as opposed to putting out the immediate fires.

Since March of ’18 I’ve been putting in the work to develop this. Using the Eisenhower methodology, developing habits on a daily basis which lead to the success of my personal and business life, and the regular practice of keeping my workspace and task list clean and organized has all contributed to feeling less inconsistent, yet we’re only a few months in.

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Father, serial entrepreneur. Currently building an entrepreneurial peer group for those in transition to follow-up businesses, called The OneFifty.

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