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So the blogging begins, again

So the writing begins, again. I’ve been on the web now since 1995. In that time I’ve had a sporadic relationship to committing to an ongoing writing practice. I’ve always had the excuses like:

  • It’s already been said. Plenty of other people have already written about the things I’m going to talk about, therefore why should I?
  • What if I change my mind? The Internet as a perpetual archive. If I write about a particular topic then later change my mind, there will be evidence of this hypocrisy stored on the Internet. Ah!
  • My English teacher and I never got along. I speak and write Philadelphian and I’ve never had a great relationship with the English language. Therefore I’ve always been reluctant to put my content out there for fear of criticism.
  • What’s my voice? What is it that I wanna focus on, what do I want to talk about? I love entrepreneurship, but really? Isn’t there already enough content about that?

I recently read an article written by one of my favorite authors, Ryan Holiday. In the article he made a very good case for why we should all be writing more and contributing to the online discussion. So here I am, restarting my blogging efforts and seeing where this experiment goes. I apologize and advance for the typos, grammatical errors and run on sentences. I woke up the community to correct me where I don’t make sense or have made amateur mistakes.

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