Join The OneFifty

Basic Qualifications

  • A strong willingness and commitment to share experiences, learnings and give feedback on a regular basis using Slack and Zoom.

  • Current or past experience as a Founder

  • Agreement to Not Solicit Business

  • Agree to Confidentiality

  • Be Respectful

How This Works

  • Review: Our members will review your application. If you get a 90% approval you’ll be offered an invite to join the group.

  • Acceptance: If you accept, you’ll pay the $249 initiation fee, plus the $79/month for membership. You’ll be invited to our Slack channel where you’ll be introduced to new members, partake on the monthly topical call and you’ll have the option to join a Cohort of 5 other members.

Apply To Our Community

Awesome, we understand this form isn’t short. That’s because our community really wants to filter out those who aren’t willing to put in the effort. We’ll take 4 business days to review your application within our community and vote on it. Applications are only approved if 90% of the membership approves.

  • Please list whichever tells us the most about you

The most important attitude that can be formed is the desire to go on learning.
– John Dewey